How much, or Being a Proper Fan

munkymufin1 2/20/12

This is an open question to all fellow Trapperians (Trappans/Trappites/Trappa-zoids) or band members, and perhaps merely boils down to the matter of fan etiquette.

Cards on the table: I love Blitzen Trapper and have for a goodly five years now.  I am about to see them in Telluride in March, as I do any time they enter Colorado.  This will be my fifth time seing them, and each show is a marvel.  I've now briefly met all five members, and can safely conclude that they are decent people.

And so the tension: how to adequately communicate an appreciation for the band without coming on too strong.  As a fairly emotive fellow, this balance is difficult.  Any suggestions, board-members?  Perhaps a finely tuned statement that is the written equivalent of a loving tap on the jaw with an soft "you're all right."  Some phrase that conjures the respect communicated in a lazy nod.  I guess I'm looking for the ground somewhere between awkward sideways glances and getting a tattoo.

(p.s. feel free not to take this question seriously, as neither do I. hahaha)

rudolph trapper 2/21/12

I once was gonna try the Rainn Wilson approach in Hoboken but chickened out @ the last minute. It would have been perfect since i could have dumped their bodies in the nearby Hudson River while gazing @ the Nyc skyline. Instead i opted for telling a few members to keep chooglin' on & making the best music there is out there (besides Nicki Minaj of course) & proceeded to scream my face off while Erik & Eric dueled on guitar during Street Fighting Son.

indied 2/21/12

My approach is subtle.  Very, very subtle.  For example, the last time the guys played Atlanta, I saw Brian outside the club before the show and I proceeded to walk right by him, nervously, without giving him a second glance.  Then, I mentally kicked myself for the rest of the evening.

See?  Subtle, but I totally think I got my extreme appreciation and fandom across.  (Back me up on this, Brian.)

jeglican 2/22/12

I guess be yourself. Relax in person and dont freak out. Online express your love. I've seen them twice and regrettably the only person I havent spoken to is Mike, who was always the one to respond to me. Mike! Sign my bass! Anyways...just be yourself, be cool, treat them like you would a professional youre doing business with. Thats always a guidline when talking to people youre huge fans of but need to chill out about. Treat them like great business partners.

munkymufin1 2/28/12

We'll file this under "Adventures in Missing the Joke," possibly to be attributed to my trademark subtlety.  Deepest thanks to all contributors?

. . .deepest thanks to all contributors!

mfranz 2/28/12

Well, it would not come of strong if you just approach them and say hello or what.  Though it might not be a good idea, though there is a fairly large bunch who still do it anyway, to crowd around them asking to take pictures or signs.

You just have to make do with whatever chance you have to talk to them!  They are professionals so they would not really express their disgust. but you have to be very careful.

rudolph trapper 2/29/12

yeah me 2. kinda? kinda.


Zibby Pillote 3/23/12

Okay honestly, I think I come on really strong, I tweet at them a lot, I sent them a Christmas card, etc. I talked to them tonight after their TreeFort show and they were super cool about it. They're not above talking to and connecting with fans, just go for it! They are all super nice.

Reganland 3/24/12

I would say you could probably walk up to any of the Trappers and hand them a Jameson with an honest and knowing smile without any frets of unpleasant side-effects. 

moogabba 3/25/12

Okay, it was a joke, but for those who would take this thread seriously, here's my honest little anecdote.

Been a fan for a few years ever since I heard "Wild Mountain Nation" on KEXP's Song of the Day podcast. After my very first show last night in Ketchum (this time they were very nearby and FREE) I wanted to meet them but stood at a distance, awkward and hesitant. One, I'm shy. It boiled down to fear and getting over it with a little help from my friends, ohh. Two, I didn't want to seem likened to the group of girls who had just approached them seconds before: 16 years old and fawning. I'm too old for that...aren't I?

Luckily I had two more outgoing friends with me (more as companions along for the experience than avid BT fans, happy they came to the show though, had a great time of course) who pulled me over to meet & greet. Shy people need this sometimes, a kick in the ass. Don't be shy about being shy! Put it out there! So with my backup I marched over to Marty since he looked so smiley and happy and less occupied than the rest (that is to say, doing the meeting & greeting), shook his hand, and so happily thanked him for stopping to play our little town and ended up chatting for a little while and getting a picture. Such a kind down-to-earth guy. Was keenly aware however to not keep him long as the others were apackin' the stage. Wanted to meet Erik the (yes) hottie especially, but he was out of sight. Man was he outta sight. Who plays like that? Rock GODS, that's who. My new favorite person in the world. Along with Marty. Love the hair, specs, the whole huggable look. I'd go shoot guns with them anytime. And I don't own or shoot guns.

Moral: be yourself. Bring along pushier people than yourself if you need to. Clearly the guys expect the contact with fans.

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