I miss Blitzen Trapper

J Lurve 12/30/21
Hope 2022 sees the band back together for new music and even gigs. The world needs it.
techrq 1/6/22
I second this!
gcrueger 1/12/22
I third this. I'm a newbie having stumbled on BT in a completely random way circa 2015 but made sure to catch 'em live twice (one on the West Coast, once in Atlanta) and delve into all the music before and since. Best "new" band in the last 30 years (I am 54), bar none. Wild and Reckless and All Across This Land are some of the greatest expressions of the album/CD rock/folk/whatever format of all time. After 20 years together, I am sure y'all have grown/moved in different directions but I hope you keep that beautiful spark alive and make music together forever!
fabarmadillo 1/14/22
I fourth this! Though I get why they're taking a break. I feel inspired knowing that my music heroes are growing and rediscovering themselves, like many of us.

Meanwhile, what are you folks doing to get your BT fix? I've been watching their old concert videos and interviews, learning to play Eric's songs on guitar, and just took my first ever trip to Portland. Plus, I've been following Brian's folk duo Dead Lee, who are great btw.
J Lurve 2/9/22
US Tour this summer - dates out. No details on line up.
Lubenow 5/7/22
Saw the new line up in Novato. Just Earley and Brian left. Don’t think Marty, Erik, or Michael are coming back either. My heart’s broken and frankly, some kind of announcement should have been made before this tour IMHO. No disrespect to Brian but I feel like I saw a decent Eric Earley solo show, not BT. The band used to be a UNIT live (seen them probably 7 times here in the Bay Area). Two new guys to replace three. They were fine, just nothing close to the chemistry. 
techrq 5/23/22
I agree with you Lubenow. It’s been what, 20 something years that these guys have been playing together? Even if Eric is the main player in the studio I’m sure he’s received some inspiration from his time on the road with these guys. That’s not a shot a Eric by any means, and I’m sure there’s a good reason why the other guys aren’t on this tour, but you’re right that there should have been an announcement.

The world desperately needs American Goldwing II and I don’t think that we can get it without the OG lineup lol. 

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