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music_addict 8/26/13

Hey Everyone!

I discovered Blitzen Trapper earlier this year. I was looking for something different to listen to. I wanted a newer band that played roots/rock music. And still actively tours and regularly puts out new albums. A friend of mine suggested that I check out Blitzen Trapper. I took his advice and ive been a big fan ever since. Exactly what i was looking for.  I mostly listen to older music and its kind of refreshing to listen to a newer band thats actually talented. So hard to find that these days....

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michael.james 9/4/13

Thank you for the kind words!

music_addict 9/4/13

thank you for the response, Mike.

~RaeAnne~ :-)

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michael.james 9/4/13

RaeAnne! Nice to see you on here!

music_addict 9/5/13

Im glad to be on here Mike. I know im a little late given I discovered Blitzen Trapper in January....and its

I wasnt sure how to say it was me who posted this topic...but i figured that would work...and it did....

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