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pcgil 10/13/09

Hi. My first post here. Well, this is suddenly my 2nd favorite band (1st fave is avett bro's). BT: I appreciate the diveristy in instrumental/vocal composition, truly. I am looking for lyrics, particularly for Jericho; what an awesome song! Any takers?
I might have to fly across the country to see these guys live; just missed The Social in Orlando :-(

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marty 10/15/09

Thx, glad you like the tune.

When we came upon the plain you could hear the children saying
There's no way we're gonna take that city there
'Cause there's nothing but the wind is going out or coming in
Over ramparts reaching that far up in the air
And the city like a drum was beaten by the long arm of the sun

Through the clouds of dust we raised we marched around that place for days
The priests would blow on the ram's horns now and again
But no other sound we made so from above they watched amazed
For it was like a race of wraiths beseiged them
And it went down as a rout we razed those walls with nothing but a shout

pcgil 10/15/09

Cool man, thanks. Funny, I took a stab at it and came up with about 90% of it just before you posted this; had to get the Ram's horn part from a biblical reference
Anyway, how did you guys come up with this song, I assume you wrote it Marty since you sing the lead on it.

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marty 10/15/09

This is one of those tunes that comes really easy, I had been tinkering around with the initial melody for some time, and while casting about for words that fit it I read eugene peterson's translation of the bit in judges regarding jericho and took his image of the city shut up as tight as a drum, and then I just imagined what it must have been like for the rank and file of Israel. I mean if I had been part of that army I would've thought my commanders had lost their minds.

pcgil 10/15/09

Brilliant; I need to find a tab or chords somewhere.
Thanks again... hope to see it live when you guys come back next time to tour the Eastern states.

absolutyyz 10/15/09

yeah this song pretty much kicks some major ass. What a sweet melody (awesome harmonies as well) and thoughtful lyrics to match. thanks for the lyrics marty. lets have some more marty songs please.
i liked the new one that you sang in sacramento at harlow's last summer.

Fan of 10/16/09

my favorite as of late

Fan of 10/24/09

marty gorgeous tune. glad you were inspired to pen this here lil' dittie.
look forward to more BT in 2010. come to denver/boulder again mates.
upon yonder mountain men, christen thee and thine terrificist tour perchance upon
thine powerful loins of yon red rocks park.

Ani 11/5/09

Jimmy 11/22/09

Wow! Awesome song, too bad down here at Costa Rica, we don't get great bands like this to play... Maybe someday. @pcgil I believe the song goes with this progression of chords: D - Am - C - G for a few measures, and then it changes to something like: Am - G - D - Am - C - C - G

madhatter1o6 12/14/09

Just listened to this tune again, great song. Here's to more BT greatness in 2010. Any updates on the forthcoming album that was mentioned in Rolling Stone a while back?

christopher_voss 7/16/11

Just grabbed some free tickets on the radio for your SLC performance. Lifted my spirits after busting out my headlight from rear ending an SUV and picking up my sister from surgery. I realized I wasn't that familiar with your music and went to listen when I got home. This song made me really happy on a lot of different levels. Love the use of language and perspective. Made me have hope for those impossible things that always seem to come up at the best and worst times in my life. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you guys. You have the soul as a group that many seem to lack.


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