Key chain question?

Laurel Stewart 8/19/11

I'm not quite sure who to direct this question to... But I pre-odered American Goldwing through the Blitzen Trapper website a week or so ago, today I received an email that said that the first 500 preorders would come with a free key chain. 

I'm wondering, to get the key chain, do you have to order thourgh the Sub Pop website, or are pre-orders through the BT website included in this deal? So if I preordered a week ago am I out of luck?

I'd just love a cute little BT keychain to carry around with me!

Thanks much

jeglican 8/19/11


Trapper Team
Sara 8/19/11

Technically only included in the Sub Pop order BUT I believe we are getting some for the fall tour and I can make sure one falls into your respective packages.

munkymufin1 8/19/11

I was wondering this, myself.  

Often I find myself looking at my keys with no small share of scorn, thinking "why can't you be MORE than this?"

Trapper Team
Sara 8/19/11

Haha, well they can be! I'll see to it!

Zibby Pillote 8/19/11
Yes! I would hate to miss out a key chain.
Laurel Stewart 8/20/11

Sara -- Thanks so much, I'd really appreciate it if you could!!

lorijones93 8/21/11

Hi Sara!

I would love it if I could get one in my order too.  I pre-ordered through the band, not Sub Pop.

Oh, and hi everyone!

munkymufin1 8/21/11

(kind of feeling like a mooch, now)

Sara, could there be some arrangement for me to offset this flagrant mooching of mine?  If you run short of keychains or something, I'd understand.  I feel a little silly asking for something from my already-generous favorite band.

Trapper Team
Sara 8/21/11


1) Continue to make hilarious comments on the forum.

2) Bring some friends to the shows.

And we're good!

Oh, actually, if you have any hi-res photos of Eric playing electric guitar from the Denver show and you wanted to send me an email, we could be more than even. Let me know.

Curt Whitacre 8/22/11

Same question, too. Sorry.

I ordered the deluxe vinyl package and am already getting the tee-shirt and the pre-release stream of the full album, so I don't want to sound greedy... but I'd sure love an American Goldwing keychain if you happen to have extras for those of us who ordered through the band. Just sayin'  :)

rudolph trapper 8/22/11

word. me 2!! btw iis it true that the white vinyl tastes like white chocolate?

oliflemo 8/22/11

haha, i too would like a key chain, if its entirely possible. in my eagerness i pre ordered from through the band without a second thought...

Andi ordered under the name Oliver Fleming

indied 8/23/11

Rudoloph - I heard the same rumor.  And the key chain's just like key lime!

Man, this band is delicious.

Trapper Team
Sara 8/23/11

Hey guys,

I'll do my best to accomodate everyone (of course). If the name you pre-ordered the album under is not easily discernible from the above post/I don't know it from past interactions, could you please either post it or send me an email?

rudolph trapper 8/23/11

Mmmmmm. I love key lime key chains. lol. sara i ordered under the name ryan deorocki.

GrangerLang 8/24/11

Sara, you said you're getting some for fall tour...does that include Musicfest? :)

genedomfon 8/24/11

Hey there Sara. I'd love a keychain added to my CD/t shirt bundle if possible. Just picked up 2 tickets to the Boston show, it'll be my second show. And have listened to this album probably everyday since it started streaming. Their best yet. My name is Gene Fontaine. Thanks!!!

munkymufin1 9/2/11

Sara!  I realized I still hadn't responded, and I do indeed have some photos of the BTrapp Boys from the Denver show.  However while they are "hi-res" some are a little blurry, due to the then-discovered woeful inadequacies of my camera in low-light settings.  Regardless, I'd be happy to send some your way (once I do a bit of color correction and semi-salvaging); some of them are fairly decent.  What email should I send them to?

AND.  When I see you guys in Boulder, I will have a new camera that should perform better.  I'll be sharing those, too.

Trapper Team
Sara 9/3/11

If you could send them to [email protected], that would be great!

When we see you in Boulder, we'll have a couple fancy new tricks up our sleeve as well. Upgrades all around!

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