Live at The Metro Sydney, full concert video

moshcam 1/11/10

Hey all,

We were lucky enough to work with the band to film their incredible Sydney show.

You can now watch it here:


GrangerLang 1/12/10

Awesome! Looks great, can't wait to watch it later.

flyguy 1/12/10

Wow, this is great! Thanks!

flyguy 1/12/10

Can this be purchased? Was it recorded in HD?

flyguy 1/12/10

I received this message from Moshcam. Just so BT knows, I am ready to buy if you ever release this. Sign me up!

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, Moshcam only has the internet broadcast rights to the concerts we record, so we're unable to provide you with a DVD (or download, or Bluray etc). However, should the band decide to release a DVD of the gig at a future date, we'll certainly provide the means to buy it through the site.
For now, however, the web is it.
Thanks for your support!

GrangerLang 1/12/10

And thanks for checking that out, flyguy!

Band Member
marty 1/12/10

yeah, it was really cool to see that show, it's like a memento for me to mark the end of the furr run. thanks moshcam for doing such a great job. thanks people in sydney for coming out that night.

winterchrome 1/15/10

what an excellent concert vid.

steve mock 1/18/10

That's a really excellent piece of work. Good job Moshcam.

Fan of 1/23/10

killer vid, tight, love the banter with the crowd. def. better than the highlights of the state of the Disunion. (altho Alito with a pulse was a bonus). some of the posted live BT shows you can't make the crowd banter out real well. although IA city is an exception (Dad! dad! dad! ...watermelon!).

thanks for posting the link.
re: drunken scream fest...thank God BT plays kick tail can only imagine how ridiculous the crowd would be if blitzen trapper actually played shitty music like metal, or "r & b," or hard rock (like most commercial radio plays nonstop). on 2cnd thought, don't imagine that.
in the meantime, these sydney cats seem to be cooled out and bell we-haved.

neilyboy 2/18/10

dang no way to even download this to watch on the big screen eh... dang it i would give $$ for this stuff buddy!

Fan of 2/18/10

free add on 'Perian' WILL allow Sydney video capture file in the browser 'Activity' window, once you download the files, they'll be video files you can also capture audio files from other sources similarly, or capture these video files and convert to audio. really phenomenal vid so i can see why you'd want them.

So, on a mac, open safari. Link to and load the Sydney vid, hit play on it, then open the Activity window and look in there for the largest file on that webpage, which should be the video one loading (25% loaded etc.). Select that file with a clickity click that shit. Then using control C, with the video player's file highlighted still, copy the link for the video file to your clipboard. Next, open the Downloads window, again for your browser (you can probably also use firefox) and then paste that copied file link for the video file into the 'Downloads' window, and wham-o, like a frisbee from a fishtank, the download should start cueing and downloading immediately, depending on your machine, etc. Perian, quite a discovery really, is a superb freebie to add on. or look up an equivalent add-on for PC., or, use a friend's mac. Like Growl and other mac osx operating system add on's, its no big deal and certainly can be removed again later and vice versa. And yes, you'll have to pull down each song one by one, since each song is a different file, and the whole show is not one big file. I know this works. (2nd add on recommendation, called WireTap Pro (commercial) allows to record streamed media like video presentations, to capture the audio, or, for the upgrade WireTap Studio, to capture video streams. just a name drop. not an endorsement.)

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