LOS ANGELES SHOW @ El Rey - song help!! 09/28/09

prmallon 10/2/09

i think i have the setlist down pretty good, but there were two songs I didn't recognize. I think the lyrics of one of the songs had the lyrics, "Crystal clear time of year." And in the other song I think they sang something akin to "Look smart baby." Does anyone recognize these songs?? If anyone could identify these, or post a comprehensive setlist I would appreciate it very much!!

Trapper Team
Matt 10/2/09

The first one is Country Rain off their sophomore album, Field Rexx, and
the second is Booksmart Baby, off the Record Store Day 7". Both great tracks!

Eugenia 10/2/09

So... is this part of Eric's evil plan to finally get us all buy a turntable? ;-)

I can already see it:
Me: Baby, we need a turntable.
My husband: What? No, we don't. We have a 250-CD changer, a Zune, and 5 iPods.
Me: But, but... it's the only way getting hold of two more Blitzen Trapper songs.
My husband: I don't care.
Me: I do.
My husband: I don't.
Me: I do.
My husband: I don't, and that's that.

I wish there was a digital way to buy the "War is Placebo" & "Booksmart Baby" songs off of that 7". I mean, collector's item or not, I kind of feel left out here. ;-)

GrangerLang 10/2/09

They did Booksmart Baby live?! D:

Nate 10/3/09

I bought both 7's they were selling at the show in Eugene, Oregon. I paid $5 bucks a piece. One has 3 tracks, I think, and the other has 4 or so. I'm a Vinyl guy, so I didn't think twice about plunking down a 10 spot. That's what, 7-8 songs, and the it's on vinyl, for $10 ?

You'd be suprised at the amount of people who are making mp3 files or whatever off their trusty old LP's, and then downloading them onto Ipod's or whatever.

I have to have the hard copy, the artwork, the lyrics, band and additional player info, the recording info. Definitely NOT a i-Tunes/mp3 or a cd burner...

Besides, there is NOTHING better than going into the record store and finding that one Built to Spill record, or whatever you been looking forever for. I feel like a kid on X-Mas morning when I go record shopping!

prmallon 10/3/09

thanks matt i really appreciate it! the show was amazing. i cannot wait til they come back to LA!

ALady 11/24/09

When did they start putting "Booksmart Baby" into the sets?? Damn, damn, damn. Love that tune, and haven't heard it live yet :(

GrangerLang 11/24/09

I know, I feel the same way!
I know it's not the same as being there BUT there's a great recording of them in Urbana back in October, and it has Booksmart Baby:

spikewilbury 11/25/09

The Record Store Day 7" comes with a free download of the songs. Pretty much all of Sub Pop's new vinyl releases come with free downloads.

ALady 12/1/09

Granger, you taunt me...I had a ticket for that show, but couldn't make it :( Ah well, I hope to catch it the next time around!

(The boot sounds fantastic, though! So glad they got that song into the rotation)

GrangerLang 12/1/09

Seeing how often it seems to be popping up in setlists lately gives me hope for us finally getting to hear it live one of these days!!

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