el goodo 9/27/08

First of all, it seems like people connected to the/ in the band actually read these which is super cool and I have to say that Furr is an absolutely incredible album and has been on repeat for me for the last few weeks.

Just wanted to ask if there was somewhere where I could access the new Furr lyrics online? I think that's where Blitzen trapper has made the most progress from Wild Mountain Nation, songs like Furr and Black River Killer are lyrically rich. The latter in particular has a Nebraska-esque creepiness to it, I can't get enough. I really want to access a site that I can just read the lyrics over and over again.

Trapper Team
Matt 10/8/08

Thought you might like to know that Eric's started posted the lyrics for Furr and Black River Killer in episodic chunks over at the myspace blog:


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