Kevin Quigley 9/11/16
Hey all! So, as you might know I'm writing a book on the band and I could really use some lyrics help. Online lyrics SUCK. Does anyone have any legit lyrics for the FURR album?
chacooit 9/13/16
Have you tried, I don't know, just listening for yourself? If online lyrics suck, what makes you think asking for them online is the answer?
junglelove 9/14/16
Is it too late to write the book on American Goldwing Kev ? Vocals are a bit clearer and it's a better album :D
munkymufin1 9/15/16
Are there certain songs you're having trouble with? I would be willing to chip in if you want to compare translation efforts.  Teamwork makes the dream work.  
OCDBT4ME 9/15/16
Hey Kev - I always find it easier to discern lyrics by listening to live recordings instead of the studio version. You probably already know this, but there's a ton of sound board recordings of their live stuff on You know how to reach me if you need any help! :)
Kevidently 11/29/16
I've been doing that live recording thing, thank you! Yes, it's been helping a lot.

And junglelove: I think I will be doing an American Goldwing book. It's my favorite.

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