Man of Constant Sorrow

garyprud 11/20/15

Hey fellas!

Would you consider please to give us that version of 'Man of Constant Sorrow' that was played at the end of Fargo Episode 6 please?  I really like the layers of sound you've put into that version...great song btw...would love to have it without the interspersed stuff from the show.


Gary (new listener)

rfwbli 11/20/15
I second that! Great version of a great song. Please make it available...
Jlopes 11/21/15

Yes I third.  It's the ONLY version of that song I like.  Please stop being selfish with this beautiful creation.  I wanna be able to jam it without hearing the Fargo clips.  Haha. 

How can we get it? 

lumix086 11/21/15

I fourth, this song is incredible. I refersh this page hourly, anxiously waiting the arrival of this amazing song. 

Batman 11/22/15

I agree with the guys above, beautiful cover.. reminds me of a quentin tarantino movie. Or Johnny Depp in drug store cowboy.

Would love to have that as a cleaned up studio version (wink wink, nudge nudge)


ps: theres abit of Eric Clapton in it too :-)

asocref 11/22/15

Batman (above) beat me to the punch! This was ss Tarantino-like in that it is PERFECT placement for a veru well-crafted song in a well-made program! I beg you Michael James to do everything to get the powers that be to get to iTunes, etc. for purchase. I will do my part to help promote it on FB and other social media.

jhlavenka 11/22/15

I agree with the other posters.  It would be great to be able to download/purchase this tune.  I can't get it out of my head, and I keep replaying the last few minutes of this Fargo episode in order to hear it.  Hopefully, you will prevail and be able to share with your followers.  Great job on that song!

ratboyz 11/22/15

Ditto jhlavenka - I also keep it on my DVR for one more way to listen to it.  Love this cover of the song!  Ditto garyprud - the layer of sounds and the harmonies are amazing!  Thanks michael.james for explaining the work-for-hire structure.  Add a fans-can-pay-direct clause and we can listen to all of your great music.

gatorbutts 11/23/15
Tankhara 11/25/15
RRay 11/26/15

The transformation of this old, meh folk song into something amazing is, well, amazing.  My searching for a way to buy this version of the song has introduced me to this great band, though. I really hope it can be made available.

mistercharlie 11/26/15

Damn, that Soundcloud link is already gone

mistercharlie 11/28/15

Thanks for the link!!!

Any chance it will be issued on vinyl?

Dbiggar 11/28/15

I agree with the other comments.  Very layered version of the song.  I can't wait until it is available on itunes and i hope the entire AATL session is included.  Very inspired.

Band Member
michael.james 11/28/15

Awesome! This won't be issued on vinyl so you better squirrel this away. The entire AATL session is better known as "All Across This Land" and was released on Oct 2 if you've been living under a rock, which I certainly do from time to time.

OCDBT4ME 11/28/15
fohmixer 12/13/15

PLEASE release this song to the public!!! I can't wait for the Fargo soundtrack to come out!

junglelove 1/14/16


Blitzen Trapper thrive on a sense of atmosphere.

Americana with a crisp rock edge, new EP 'Mystery And Wonder' isn't short of either of those attributes.

Fresh from the release of the 'All Across This Land' album, the EP features the title cut plus two very special recordings - including their version of 'I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow', recorded for the television show Fargo."

Any heads up on what the other track is ??

> I'll answer my own question

  1. Mystery and Wonder
  2. Let The Cards Fall (Live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic)
  3. I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow

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michael.james 1/15/16

And now it's finally out! Buy it here and stream with the usual suspects or from our Soundcloud.

munkymufin1 1/15/16

That live version of "Let the Cards Fall" is absolutely gorgeous.  It's already one of my favorite songs, and it sounds incredible on this single.

Thanks, Michael!  

raney 2/21/16

Message in a bottle here : wich pedal are you using to create that seventies fuzz octavized guitar sound on the first 4 measures of the song ? Would love to know !! Just an awesome cover thanks !! rgds from France
Band Member
michael.james 2/22/16
It's harmonizing parts going through Fulltone GT-500 - a fancy tube screamer. And those a phased by an Ibanzez tone lock phaser. Pretty basic stuff.
raney 2/27/16
Awesome Michael !! thank you ! best success and luck to all of you :)

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