Marty Marquis solo album

wakeman 10/6/16
Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that Marty posted a new album of solo work over on his soundcloud earlier today. Great stuff!
munkymufin1 10/8/16
I've had "Cascadian" stuck in my head all day.  I am really, really enjoying this.  Thanks for sharing it!
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marty 10/11/16
Thanks guys! I'm going to release it physically before too long but I wanted people to be able to hear it now. I'll keep you posted, I use instagram mostly to get the word out, maybe it'll be in the BT store.

I'd been working on a few of these songs between tours the last few years, but much of the album came from a burst of writing/recording I did on my Op-1 in the weeks following Blitzen's European jaunt earlier this year. I was feeling great and I had all these fragmented ideas rolling through my skull and instead of thinking too much about everything I just did it. My friend Martin Gonzalez, who occasionally mixes BT shows, heard the demos and caught the vibe. His wizardry and commitment to the project really made this thing go, I really can't thank him enough.

munkymufin1 12/19/16
Just wanted to give this a bump, as I am still crazy about this record.  My current favorite is "Equinox," but I keep digging new things with each listen.  So good.
OCDBT4ME 12/20/16
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marty 12/22/16
Hey all, this is now available for download via and vinyl is currently in production! Also I'll be playing stripped down versions of some of these songs and chatting about the record January 26 at 2:10 pm pacific time on

I will try to get Mike to juice this on BT socials but following me on Instagram is your best bet if you want to keep abreast of developments with this project. 

Thank you all for the encouragement! It's priceless.
wakeman 12/28/16
Good to hear Marty! Keep it up, you do great work.

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