Maybe Baby / Soul Singer

blitzface 4/19/11

Will there be a way to get these singles?  Does anyone know.

 Record Store Day was a mess and I didn't get a copy.   Is it like that everywhere?  I tried to go to my local store and was there 10 min after they opened. There were already 200-300 people ravaging the store!  I didn't stand a chance at seeing that vinyl.  Oh well, just makes me more anxious for the new BT album.

jeglican 4/19/11

The shipment of maybe baby at my local store got delayed (actually the people shipping it just forgot), so theyre getting in tomorrow, when I will be picking up a copy. Yea it was a mess at my place too.

Jamie McPherson 4/20/11
Band Member
michael.james 4/20/11

Unfortunately, the single is limited to the number of pressings that were available - around 1500. They all come with a digital download code too. There is, however, a small possibilty that it will be released via iTunes this summer. If so, we will certainly let you know.

blitzface 4/20/11

Thanks for the replies!  Thanks Jamie for the link, sounds great!  I was blown away by RSD!  Being my first, I wasn't sure what to expect.   Misery loves company.   I'm tracking one down so......      


Need the new album!

blitzface 4/24/11

Many days later, and I have a 7" record of Maybe Baby and Soul Singer!  Thank you EBAY!  Did you get yours jeglican?  Maybe Baby is beyond catchy, many people who listen to it, I've witnessed, sing the tune a few minutes later.

IT's like HEROIN, I tell you!  HEROIN!!!!!!

nice work BT.

jeglican 4/24/11

I did get mine, and actually I cant decide on whether I like maybe baby or soul singer better.  Theyre both pretty cool, but I do like the initial chord progression on maybe baby, so that might put it over soul singer.

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