Melt down in Denver?

FatahRuark 5/28/14

Strange show tonight. Everything seemed to be going along fine until about an hour in when Michael seemed to dileriously walk off the stage, which turned into an early encore break.

Marty came out and played a song solo, then Eric E came out and did one solo. After the two solo songs there was some chatter on stage with some strange looks on faces. Finally the rest of the band comes out minus Michael (with some more private chatting) and then Michael came out looking a bit haggard. Once he came out Eric E. said, "That's it, we're done." and everyone walked off without playing anything (as the full band).

Very odd. There are bands I see reguarly where craziness and uncertainty is fairly common (mainly when they get too drunk). Blitzen Trapper is not one of those bands.

Hopefully all is well with the band and maybe Michael just wasn't feeling well (too many pot brownies, possibly?)

Anyone have any idea what went down??

stanleypolley123 5/28/14

That was one of the strangest shows I've ever been to.  I've seen them 4 times previously, and they have been fantastic each time.  From the very begining of the show, it seemed Eric and Michael (bass) were super low-energy.   I got the sense that Eric was upset with the amount of croud noise during his ballads, and mixed with some unseen band tension, led to his early departure.  I'll say the rest of the band was in great form and very professional.

It's even stanger that this is how they chose to end their first show of their tour.  I hope this is a small bump in the road, and not a sign of things to come. Personally, I drove 2 hours to see them, and was engaged the entire time. Hell, I've spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and merch, as they were one of my favorite bands. I'll stop short of saying I'll avoid their shows in the future, because it's such a bummer to be let down by one of your favorite bands.

I hope they kick ass on their next stop.

PS: Below the Hurricane is my fave :)

junglelove 5/29/14

Wait - let's get to the important stuff - what was the Marty solo song ? Jericho ?

Some way to go before they reach the big time meltdowns mind you :

blitzface 5/29/14

yeah, i was a bit disappointed with how the show ended.  Weird, to say the least.  From what we were told something about a couple drinks and a fight earlier in the day.?.  Definitely a Michael meltdown though.  He turned around and played his bass backward with the bass on the ground.  The song ended and he dropped his bass and disapeared behind the curtain, knocking over Marty's amp in the process.  Very un-blitzen trapper.  The new arrangements were sounding good and the show was grooving.  Unfortunately, we had brought a group of preople to their first BT show last night.  Doh!!

p_hans 5/29/14

I'm going to tonight's show in Lincoln, I'll give you an update tomorrow...

steve mock 5/30/14

It happens. Be kind and be cool. This life ain't easy.

Band Member
michael.james 5/30/14

My sincerest apologies to all in attendance. I became very ill and was unable to continue - disappointing myself as well. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to make it up to you in the future. 

Much love,


xldwoodslx 5/30/14

Denver was my first time seeing Blitzen live and even with the abrupt ending, it was a great show for myself and my friends.

Really cool that you guys have this forum and not only allow fans to post but actually respond to it. Much appreciated and look forward to having you back in Denver.

Jamieson 5/30/14

exactly steve, thx for saying what i wanted to say :)

p_hans 5/30/14

Show in Lincoln last night was excellent. IMO, the band played tight and looked like they were having fun....was super impressed with the psych-rock jam in Thirsty Man, which was a welcome surprise to me. Rocky Mtn Way cover was very choice too. That being said, I've had Heart Attack stuck in my head all day. Crowd was really into one was really talking or on their phones much at all. Brought a handful of 1st-timers out....they all had a blast! All in all, great BT show (my favorite of the 3 I've seen)....hope to see you again soon!

OCDBT4ME 6/4/14

On our way to the Cleveland gig now. This'll be my 4th show (with the 5th one coming up Sunday in the 'burgh!).

I cant even imagine how disappointing it must have been for my fellow Trapper Keepers in Denver. But I'd be willing to bet that the disappointment Michael felt was even greater. He is the consummate professional. MVP and the guys bust ass year 'round, traveling all over this great land of ours, ministering to our wretched souls with their radiant love. They have families they miss, backs that hurt, a living to earn. Don't let one rough day for Mike shake your faith in the greatest live band of our time. Keep the faith, brother. :)

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