Merry Christmas, Trapper Keepers!

OCDBT4ME 12/22/11

I just wanted to take a moment and wish the fine men of Blitzen Trapper, their families and their faithful followers the merriest Christmas ever!  Thank you so very much for your incredible gift of brilliant music, and for dragging yourselves and your equipment all over this great land of ours to entertain and enlighten your army of dedicated fans. 

And thanks to the diehard BT fans on this forum - it's been a great pleasure getting to know you and sharing our mutual love of all things Trapper.  

Wishing you all a joyous and carefree new year!  Cheers!

~ Tina

Band Member
michael.james 12/30/11

Wow. Thank you for the heartfelt wishes Tina! Our feelings are mutual.

We are extremely humbled and lucky that people like our music and that we can play these tunes for you night after night. It's hard work, but it's a dream come true - and we love every minute of it.

And we hope we can continue to bring new songs to our fans for a long time into the future. Thank you so much for the support all these years. Trapper Keepers are the best!

Much love in the New Year,


Monica Watson West 1/5/12

Happy New Year to my Favorite Band!!!  I love you guys, Austin TX XXXOOO 


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