beecheese 3/23/10

Dear BT

I just read your tour schedule on pitchfork. Apparantly p4k knows a band's touring schedule before the band does. Anyway, I noticed that for the second time, YOU ARE COMPLETELY BYPASSING MINNEAPOLIS. You're playing the aquarium in fargo, then going to omaha. FUCKING OMAHA. And you did the same thing last year. Fortunately, i saw you guys at pitchfork, so I know how good you are. But WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT PLAYING MINNEAPOLIS???(again.) Minneapolis is the most receptive city to touring bands in the country. How do I know this? COUNTLESS BANDS(Ratatat, Autolux, The Big Pink, Ween, to name a few) have said that Minneapolis was the best city on their tour or their favorite place to play. MNPLS would LOVE you guys. Really. You should consider it.

Band Member
marty 3/23/10

Do not worry beecheese, we will come to the Twin Cities very soon and not only that, some of our best friends from the road live there (whaddup team Guelker!) so we always enjoy coming to town. Sorry it's been since last February or something. A complicated situation but in essence if the radio station there didn't play us so much we'd have played there more often the last year. Weird, right?

Also, we can't always divulge our tour plans as soon as we know them, don't hold it against us. It's for the greater good, I swear.


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