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flyguy 11/14/09

Hey indytriple, I noticed that your link goes to Brown County State Park. I have heard great things about the trails there, but I have never been. Are there any specific sections that are a must? I am from around Evansville and I usually ride at Kentucky Lake or around Louisville. I really just got a little more serious about riding this past year and even did some racing. So, what can you tell me about BCSP trails?! I am considering a trip up there before it gets too cold or maybe in the spring.

flyguy 1/17/10


indytriple 5/18/10

Yo flyguy,

Sorry for the crazy late response. The best description of the trails that I can give you is here on my new Insider's Ride Guide that I put together for the Brown County Mountain Biking site:

ALL of the trails are amazing, so you really can't lose no matter what you ride. Have you had a chance to get over there yet.

Tons of info is always located at our site at

BTW, Blitzen Trapper has such an organic, outdoorsy feel that seems to meld seamlessly with outdoor adventures like camping and mountain biking. Can't wait for the new album release in a few weeks.

We'll see y'all at the Vogue show on August 5.

flyguy 5/19/10

No, I haven't made the journey up there yet. I have mainly just been training closer to home and racing once a month. My team mainly races in TBRA (Tennessee) races, but I may try a race up in French Lick next month. When I do get to BC, it will likely need to be an overnighter.

I am a fan of Brown County Mountain Biking on Facebook.

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