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Chris C. Anderson 4/26/11

Blitzen Trapper,

Today I received an email with an MP4 of your song titled "Furr."  Now, I have to be honest to say that I opened it with much trepidation.  While I consider myself an audiophile, I was worred that a group called Blitzen Trapper might lead me into the precarious world of rock 'n roll. 

What I heard, however, was a wonderful and poetic story set to a contagious and harmonic cadence.  Needless to say, I listened to the song with absolute delight as I further discovered the subject of the music---the pack.

Let me introduce myself---my name is Chris Anderson and I run a wolf sanctuary in Idaho that boasts the historic care of the Sawtooth Pack: Wolves of the Nez Perce that have been on the Discovery Channel for the last 15 years.  In 2008, my team added the Owyhee Pack after rescuing 17 wolves in SW Idaho from certain death.  Located above Lewiston, Idaho on 300 acres of beautiful and secluded meadow among the forested land and outside of the reach of political winds.

I would truly enjoy exploring your motivation, possible affiliations, and partnership with you in a mutually beneficial way.  We have about 3500 supporters, many who follow my daily posts on Facebook and on our Website to learn about why wolves are critical players in healthy and complete ecosystems. Your song pays homage to that effort in some ways.  

So, what do you say?  Can I buy you a cuppa joe?

Kind Regards,

Chris Anderson, Executive Director

Wolf Education & Research Center

Sunshine 5/25/11

I'm surprised there has been no response to this. sounds like a great cause.

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