My official appeal to Blitzen Trapper.

shaina 2/11/10

Dear Mr. Trappers;

I would like to cordially request your presence at the music venue of your choosing in Portland, Oregon from March 22nd through the 27th of the year 2010. I am from nowhere important in Missouri, but me and my totaled yet somewhat-reliable Geo Prism will be driving the 1,960 miles, and if you should so happen to have a concert that week, I could bring the cupcakes of your choosing.

Have your people call my people to further arrange cupcake details.

Good day sirs.

Band Member
michael.james 2/11/10

Dear Shaina,
We love cupcakes but do not have any dates during your window of stay in fair Portland. HOWEVER! If you can manage to stay one measly extra day, we are playing Sunday, March 28 at McMenamin's Kennedy School. It's an early show at 1pm - kinda for kids but they're parents too and it is all ages (obviously). Try to make it before your long trip back!

shaina 2/12/10

Hmm, a kids show? Interesting. What is your motivation for doing a show like that? If you don't mind me asking of course. And I was honestly just being silly with the whole "cordially cupcakes" thing. Pretty sure if you guys played a show everytime someone was like "Hey play here on this date kthanks" you wouldn't have much time left for walking your dogs or opening your mail...much less studio recording haha. Well regardless of your lack of cooperation, sirs, the cupcake offer still stands. Not that there aren't 50 cupcake bakeries in Portland... :)

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