New Album

Swahoogie 2/1/15

Sending you positive vibes from New York as you begin recording the new album. 

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michael.james 2/4/15

Thank you!

junglelove 2/10/15

MJ - what happened to the store revamp ?

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michael.james 2/13/15

Good question! Haven't had time to dedicate to that project and I haven't prioritized it because we don't have any new merch to offer right now. But as we get further through this year and closer to another release(!) we'll get something else going. 

Thanks for for letting me know someone is looking forward to that!

junglelove 3/3/15

Cheers -  us overseas types don't mind the hefty postage if we can bundle a bunch of stuff together to make it more worthwhile.

Of course another very acceptable solution would be a European tour.

Harry 3/10/15

Yes, a European Tour would be great :)

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