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J Lurve 7/20/20
Interesting direction for the new album from the songs released so far - a little bit folk, a little bit Destroyer of the Void, sounds very chilled , laid back - maybe a bit “lockdown” ?

or am I imagining it ?
J Lurve 9/4/20
Am I the last of the posthicans?

New album sounds very stripped back .
Comet 12 days ago
Very excited for the album, love the singles so far. Getting DOTV mixed with Field Rexx vibes and a bit of Petty on those Hazy Morning acoustic guitars. Can’t wait to hear the full thing. 
munkymufin1 6 days ago
My GOODNESS, I am loving this record.  Start to finish, it is an experience and a gift.

And yesterday was my birthday, so this really did feel like a gift. 
J Lurve 5 days ago
Maybe it’s a grower - feels like an Eric solo album. Minimalist sound and texture.

Maybe they’ve saved the bar room rockers for the next album ?

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