New album recording under way

junglelove 1/23/13

For those not on facebook..

"Blitzen Trapper : Gotta decompress after that one. Rhythm sections to three songs done today. Think Stax, Leon Russell, Harvest. Tones are sounding sweet."

For BT - don't be afraid to keep us up to date with snippets , song titles, info , pics  whatever - can't give me enough of that teaser stuff.

Jamieson 1/23/13

saw this on FB and went into excitement overdrive.  Had me at stax then i couldnt get leon's stranger in a strange land outta my head.  the anticipation of this album might just do me in

nooneastern 1/23/13

wow HUGE Leon fan here ... that makes me super psyched

OCDBT4ME 1/29/13

Thanks, Junglelove!!  I deactivated my FB account just before the election so I'm out of the loop.  Jamie - let's figure out the halfway point between Toronto and NE Ohio and meet for a listening party when the new album comes out.  It might be nice to ditch the husbands and kids for a few days to focus on what's really important. ;)  So excited!!!!

munichhilton 1/30/13

Fantastic news....The Elvis Stax years were some of his many bests....

No DooWop though...stay away from DooWop

junglelove 1/31/13

Is it just Eric doing it all again this time ?

GrangerLang 1/31/13

There's been pics of Mike & Brian in there, too, so far.

Band Member
michael.james 2/7/13

It's certainly a family affair, as it has been for the last few records. Here is the process: Eric writes some songs. Sends us the demos. Brian and I work out some rhythm section ideas and rehearse those with Eric. We go into the studio and cut drums, bass, and guitar or piano, usually live together. Sometimes there are some rad sounds from the demos that we will keep in the final mix of the song. Next Eric overdubs some more guitar, organ or a casio or whatever. I might add some percussion or electric piano or whatever. Erik Menteer comes in for some lead lines or more rhythm guitar. Eric puts his vocals on top of all that. Marty comes in for the backing harmonies with Eric and Brian. The entire process usually takes a couple weeks.

This time around we've brought in a Latin percussion master for some added flavor, and even some saxophone sections for that Stax punch. Maybe I shouldn't have divulged that! But I think we are all pretty excited about the direction of this one so far. Some extensions of what we've already been doing and some totally new ground as well.

We completed the major tracking last night and will continue with minor overdubs at Eric's apartment soon. I'll try to keep you updated unless I fall into some k-hole in the studio...

kokohi5 2/8/13

Thanks for the info as usual! I love how you specify "Casio" by the way. :o)

junglelove 2/13/13

Great update MJ.

Thoughts on release date ? Fall ?

curlymay 2/13/13

Just the news I needed to hear on a cold, snowy day in MI!  Really looking forward to another amazing album from an amazing band!

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