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gatorbutts 8/26/11

I figured we could start a thread where we could post reviews of the new record as they come out.  Here is one I found that is very good:

rudolph trapper 8/26/11
gatorbutts 8/26/11
gatorbutts 8/29/11
gatorbutts 9/1/11
gatorbutts 9/3/11
Kristen Weidus 9/13/11 Ear to the Ground Music

rudolph trapper 9/13/11

not a review but a nice interview with eric.

nuttydo 9/15/11

Just iTuned American Goldwing and am currently listening to it. I listened to it on the streaming site and I didn't quite get the same experience.

Must admit, I started going off Blitzen Trapper. I am a band effort person and I felt that BT was turning (at least going by the interviews) into "Eric Earle plus band" and was getting much too folky for my liking. What really got me into BT in teh firts place was the eclectic mix and ballsy nature of Wild Mountain Nation and the general drift towards folk in later/earlier albums left me cold. American Goldwing seems at times more like Led Zeppelin, and thus appeals to me more. At times very generic rock but that's good.

Just heard "Taking it easy too long", which I briefly thought was a cover, until I realised that Eric played an acoustic version of it at the Munich show in November last year, hence the reason it was familiar. Managed to record it and YouTube it: 


junglelove 9/16/11
junglelove 9/20/11
champs2005 9/20/11

Ouch, indeed! This Pitchfork review was a little disappointing, particularly because I was introduced to B Trapp via Pitchfork via a very positive Wild Mountain Nation review. 

Also, Im not a big fan of the group "The Band" and Pitchfork said that our boys sound just like 'em...NOT!

I give American Goldwing 9.5 out of 10! half point off for not being long enough.

Robert Henschel 9/22/11
junglelove 10/27/11

Live review - hopefully more to come from this tour


Also - total lack of setlists on the tour page !? :(

xuwan 10/27/11

I know that many of us were annoyed with Deusner's recent contribution, but interestingly enough, it might be Ian Cohen's Pitchfork review of Deer Tick's latest that delivers the harshest insult to our BT boys:

"Codependents"?! Are you serious, Mr. Cohen? And are you really saying that BT has arrived "more recently" than Dawes? Or are you saying that "more recently" BT has become a codependent of some sort of inauthentic "road-dog"-ness? Either way, I think most fans of authentic Americana will think you're an idiot (even if they don't love BT all that much).

I would chalk this kind of idiocy up to the possibility that BT used to be the "best band you've never heard of" and now are perhaps too well-known to seem cool to the hipster sensibilities of some of Pitchfork's contributers,- ..."Oh, YOU have heard of them? Well, they must suck now..." - except that Cohen is also the one who gives Mylo Xyloto a "7.0" and is the sort of writer who creams himself over a new Antler track (seemingly) because he was really missing some Arcade Fire. 

Any thoughts? What the heck is going on at Pitchfork? 

junglelove 10/28/11

re pitchfork - meh - opinions are like @rseholes - everyone's got one - even cooler than thou hipsters.

 Think "Bohemian Like You" by the Dandy Warhols...


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