New Album Stream on iPhone?

thingmaker 8/29/11

Is anyone else having a hard time streaming the new album on their iPhone from the & KRCW website? Anxiously awaiting the rest of the new album!

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michael.james 9/5/11
thingmaker 9/7/11

Yes the soundcloud stream works!! I finally got to listen the whole album yesterday. Thanks Michael. After 4 full listens I must say I love this album!!. It finally made me commit to a pre order the LP. Also I would like to thank the trappers for supplying a digital download with the LP so I can have the music and a nice piece of art to go on the wall!

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michael.james 9/7/11

Oooh! Burn - no flash player on the iPhone! Glad you got it to work somehow thingmaker. But also we've setup an official BT SoundCloud account. Download the SoundCloud app to your phone (it's free) and search for user "Blitzen Trapper". In our favorites you find the whole new record to stream on your phone or your computer. BOOM!

Joey Chamblee 9/8/11

I downloaded the soundcloud App yesterday, and it works great on my phone, I have had happy streaming since, the album rocks, I can't wait for you guys to get back to SLC and play some more new tunes! Keep it up

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