New Daytrotter session up

junglelove 1/13/14!/concert/blitzen-trapper/20057478-110844

Faces of You

Thirsty Man (7 minutes long..)

Valley of Death

Texaco :D

"This is the sixth Daytrotter session for Blitzen Trapper, currently the most sessions of any one else on the planet. We are honored to call the fellows in this great band friends and hope they keep making special albums forever. "

junglelove 1/15/14

Did I mention how amazing this session is ?

The Texaco rework is brilliant - reminds me of Skynrd's Tuesday's Gone :)

The VII songs have moved on since the orignal recordings for the better.

Now a few Euro dates and new t-shirts in the store and I can die happy.

steve mock 2/6/14

Agreed. This a great session. Best of the six I'd say. But they're all good. You should have them all. Really.

junglelove 2/11/14

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