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munkymufin1 2/21/16
Hey gang!

I was thinking we could all share BT songs that have grown on us. Not the songs that became fast favorites with the first flush of a new record, but those that make an album feel new all over again.  

For me, a few come from VII, like "Drive On Up" (such a fun jam) and "Heart Attack."  

What about you all?
Swahoogie 2/22/16
Okay, I'll play this game. I was always a fan of Drive on Up as well. Aside from some of the more obvious songs, I dig Sadie, Sleepytime in Western World and Don't Be A Stranger. On the more obvious side Fletcher still gets me after thousands of listens. 
Thanks for posting. 
plTRAPPER 3/3/16
"Stolen Shoes and a Rifle" is an oldie but goodie from the Furr album that snuck up on me out of nowhere last fall.  How did I miss the greatness of this gem the first, second and third time around?
wakeman 3/6/16
I'd actually pick three songs that didn't really appear on any LPs, and are all near the top of my most played - All the Stones, Mission Moon, and War is Placebo. War is Placebo has immense sentimental value for me.

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