New Live EP on iTunes

GrangerLang 2/16/09

a new live session EP is up on iTunes! $5.94 for the 6-track EP.
1. Black River Killer
2. Echo
3. Furr
4. God & Suicide
5. Lady on the Water (you have no idea how happy this makes me)
6. Not Your Lover


Trapper Team
Matt 2/16/09

Once again, you guys know about this stuff before we do. Awesome :)

Here's the link:

GrangerLang 2/16/09

That's how we roll, Matt.

Or, as they say in France....Zat ees 'ow we roll.

Beth 2/17/09

Thanks for the tip! This will get me primed for my first live show in Philly on 3/1. I am so excited for this show!!

ALady 2/17/09

What is this "Echo"? Interesting...

flyguy 2/18/09

Great!!! I can't wait to get home and download this!

Hey ALady, I believe that 'Echo' is just part of 'Echo/Always On/Easy Con' from Furr.

OhMyChokingSoul 3/1/09

Great EP guys! Thanks.

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