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Samm3fs 3/15/09

I noticed there were a few songs on the Blitzen Trapper myspace that aren't on any of their albums.

Does anyone know what the deal is with these tracks?

I'm mainly talking about "Big Black Bird" and "Silver Moon" I know there is a live version of Silver Moon out there, but i'm interested in the studio version. Those 2 songs are incredible.

Does anyone have copies of these Mp3's? or know any plans of them being released? I need to get my hands on them.

any info would be amazing.


absolutyyz 3/17/09

both of those songs are on EP3, a tour only EP that I end up listening to more than any of the full lengths. Wonderful songs front to back! You should be able to find it with google etc.

doorzie1 3/23/09

I'm now hooked to this quite brilliant band, gutted i didn't discover them before they made the trip over to London! I'm in love with the studio version of the song "Silver Moon", unfortunatley it is impossible to get my hands on a copy of EP3, and equally impossible to find via google, yahoo etc. Help, help, help???!!! I can't spend the rest of my life listening to it on Myspace!

Trapper Team
Matt 3/23/09

We've been meaning to get this one up for sale digitally, and this thread is definitely lighting a fire under our collective asses. We'll get working on it! Thanks for caring guys.

absolutyyz 3/25/09

Maybe in the future, it will be put out on vinyl along with some other rarities as an odds & sods album? pretty please? I know I have said it before but its worth another shot!

avita 5/12/09

I agree. I have forwarded the myspace links to EP 3 to a group of friends who had never even heard BT before, and they loved it.

Big Black Bird is one of my all time favorite songs - it was my favorite live song when I saw BT at the Music Hall of Williamsburg a few months back.

That's cool that EP 3 is only sold at concerts, but hurry up and put it up for digital purchase soon. It's almost summer in NYC, and I want to be able to blast it while I day drink on my roof on the wknds!!

steve mock 5/13/09

And, and, and...

Didn't y'all do another Daytrotter session just this last November?

Who can we bug to get hooked up with that?

GrangerLang 5/14/09

Yessss! I've been wondering about that too, Steve!

Band Member
marty 5/18/09

Yo trapper enthusiasts! So we meant to put the EP3 songs out digitally but not until the stock of physical inventory ran out. It seemed kinda misleading to call something "tour-only" if it was in fact available to anyone in the world at any time (albeit in a non-tangible form).

Now the physical stock will evaporate during our July tour. However, the fine folks at Sub Pop have asked us to demur from a digital release in the interest of public safety (i.e. record industry arcana), so for now we'll have to leave it to the file-sharing networks to get those tracks around. Cooperate and enjoy!

To Doorzie1, don't be gutted! we will be in London again in August and September, I will keep one of these for you specifically if you keep five quid for the purpose of exchange.

Absolutyyz, at some point in the future there will definitely be an "odds + sods" record, although whether or not it's on vinyl depends on many factors. I love to listen to vinyl as much as anyone, but it's a real pain to store and ship so as long as our record label (LidKerCow) is based out of my place it's unlikely, I have a young daughter who loves to eat vinyl.

What else? Daytrotter? Yes, we did a joint session when we were out with SM + Jicks last fall. If you follow Daytrotter you may have heard the version of "Funk #49" we recorded with our tourmates there that day. It was literally the first time we had ever done this song, any of us, but it sounded so cool we went on to do it for a number of Jicks encores the next several nights. I guess you bug Sean at Daytrotter about getting the session up. I honestly don't remember what other songs we did, I'm pretty sure "Black River Killer" was in there, think it was just three songs this time (with Funk being the fourth).

Okay, hopefully this answers some of your queries. I'm going to draft a "State of the Trapper" essay next.


Trapper Team
Matt 6/9/09

So hey, good news! These tracks will be released in August on a new "Black River Killer" EP! This will coincide with the release of the AMAZING video for said song, and some amazing European tourdates, including some with Wilco!?, Fleet Foxes, and Andrew Bird. INFO:

Black River Killer - SP820

As its title would lead one to believe, the Black River Killer EP contains the disturbing and great song "Black River Killer" from Blitzen Trapper's excellent Sept. '08 full-length album Furr. What is perhaps less evident from the title is that it also contains 6 more songs that have been, up to now, only available as a CDR that Blitzen Trapper has been selling at their live performances for the past year or so.

Released: 2009-08-24 (CD-EP)

1. Black River Killer
2. Silver Moon
3. Going Down
4. Shoulder Full of You
5. Preacher's Sister's Boy
6. Black Rock
7. Big Black Bird

Nate 6/9/09


Any chance of Sub Pop putting this out on vinyl?

doorzie1 7/14/09

Sweet news indeed, awesome vid for "Black River Killer" too, disturbing and awesome in equal measure.

Marty - No longer gutted, see you at the Barfly in September!! I'll have my 5 quid at the ready!

Trapper Team
Matt 7/28/09

Why yes, this will be on vinyl! Release date is October 6th, a little later than the CD version.

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