Newport Folk Fest stream

GrangerLang 7/25/12

NPR is streaming from Newport Folk Fest this weekend, including the Trappers on Friday:

Jamie McPherson 7/30/12

Rerun of the concert now avail to listen or download - sounds like a fun show !

Great setlist




Furr (acapella/pastoral intro)

Big Black Bird

Street fighting sun

Destroyer > M.S.T.

Band Member
Ross McLochness 7/30/12

We were lucky to be able to play any songs at all.  Before we started, a torrential downpour erupted and started to soak all our equipment, I mean everything.  It was musical and meteorological chaos.  There were stagehands scrambling about trying to squeegee the water off the stage, others toweling off and covering the electronic gear that had already been doused.  There were rumors of coming clear skies, but none in sight.  After twenty minutes of waiting, the rain began to let up enough to play (but didn't stop) but in the meantime, the PA had encountered some issues and, unbeknownst to everyone, a main fill speaker on stage got flipped around and for almost the entirety of our set caused wicked feedback.  The stage crew were amazing but despite all their efforts we were forced to cut our set short.  Sad to have to truncate a show we were so looking forward to playing but what can you do?  Hopefully these tracks came out halfway decent in light of the situation. 

Oh and as soon as we finished, the sun came out and stayed out for Wilco's entire set.  No one has, as yet, suspected foul play.

rudolph trapper 8/1/12

haha funny stuff bri. dont know about being in the audience but i got to say i was expecting the sound to suck after what i was hearing. but listening to the npr broadcast u guys sounded amazeballs.

junglelove 8/10/12
GrangerLang 8/10/12

Looks like their Friday set is up here:

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