Old Songs, (self-titled debut, Field Rexx, etc.)

beecheese 7/28/10

I just saw BT last night at first ave. Fantastic show. This was the third time I've seen the band, and they've never failed to blow my hair back and then quietly let it fall back in place.

However, this being my third time seeing them, I was hoping to hear some stuff I hadn't heard them play yet. Each time I've seen them they've played less and less old material. (With the exception of Texaco last night from the first album. That was a nice surprise.)

I know some band members frequent this forum. This is a plea to play some older songs now and then. I realize you're trying to promote your new material, but you've got such a rich back catalogue to draw from. Maybe pull out some All-Girl Team once in a while, or a little Appletrees or Summer Twin or Murder Babe(the video of this song live on pitchfork tv is what initially sold me on you guys.)

Just a thought.

gatorbutts 7/29/10

A-freakin-Men to that!  BT has so much good material on its earlier releases that should really be heard by its newer fans.  I concur with beecheese's suggestions, as well as tunes like Asleep for Days, Country Rain, Sci-Fi Kid & Cracker Went Down.  I know you want to play mostly newer tracks (not just to drive sales, but because that better reflects where you are artistically now), but sprinkling in a few additional nuggets of where you came from sure would make me grin.

And as for a great, non-album track - I'd love to hear an official release of Big Adventure (other than on Daytrotter, which is great).  What a rockin track!

steve mock 7/29/10

Oh man. I could go for some Big Adventure.

danieljones2006 8/28/10

Fantastic show for sure. One of my cousin got me the songs. Fabulous.

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