Oldest BT video (let's play a game)

gatorbutts 10/23/15

OK, I'm feeling nostalgic.  Who cares to find and post the oldest video of Blitzen Trapper (a live performance or official video) they can find?  I'll try this one -  a live performance of "Lux & Royal Shopper" from Field Rexx from 2005:


Anyone have anything older?

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marty 10/23/15

Pretty sure you win gatorbutts, though there is older footage I don't believe any of it has made its way to the youtubes. My friend Loren for example shot an entire set with multiple cameras back in 2002 or 2003, it included some of the jams from the BT debut I remember. 

gatorbutts 10/24/15

Awesome, Marty.  Would love it if your friend Loren would consider uploading those vids somewhere.  Enjoy seeing BT performances from any era, but extra cool to see some that had been "lost" or forgotten in the vaults.

gatorbutts 10/24/15

And by the way, Marty - your self-released song "The Ballad of Hugh Glass" from last year is tremendous!  Please give us an entire album of tracks like that soon!


Same for your song "Canyon's Edge", which back in '09 would sometimes show up in BT's setlist.  Sublime:


Kevidently 10/24/15

I love it when the band trades vocals, and I was very lucky to catch "Jericho" in Philly a few weeks ago! Love to hear more of this, too!

Kevidently 10/24/15

PS gatorbutts - that is one killer video.

OCDBT4ME 10/30/15

Thanks for posting this, gatorbutts! Oh, how fantastic it would have been to see the guys perform a decade ago! 

I didn't find anything older in my search, but I did come across this little gem that reveals the eclectic tastes of the band members...


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