Danangotti 8/9/15

hey guys huge fan, just wanted to get some insite on your roots. You guys into the Oregon wildlife, do any hunting or fishing out there? Would love to go catch the native steelhead you guys have out there. Can't wait to hear the new album. much love from southwest pa!

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michael.james 8/9/15

Thanks for the kind words. We all grew up in the Pacific Northwest and, as such, have an affinity for the outdoors - not sure if it is greater or lesser than any proper Oregonian, but an affinity nonetheless. Eric might be the only one with significant hunting experience, but we've all done our fair share of camping, fishing and hiking around these old volcanoes in our neck of the woods. I'm sure you can relate - you're from a gorgeous slice of our country too. We are fortunate for our copious Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and other salmon runs along side the Steelhead (Rainbow Trout), though drought conditions this year are causing significant die-offs - hoping to see a return to our normal, rainy selves this winter.

Thank you for your support and hope you can catch us on the road sometime.


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