oliflemo 4/18/12

Hey, me and friend are coming to California in June, all the way from Australia. the only show your playing is in pioneertown, CA which we would totally like to go to. Unfotunately we can't figure out how to get there without a car. It's a bit of a random question but do you guys know of any way to get there from LA by bus or something?

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marty 4/19/12

there ought to be a proper los angeles show announced soon, pioneertown is a bit of a trek but worth it. maybe find a ride via craigslist? 

junglelove 4/20/12

Palm Springs >>>> bus >>>

oliflemo 4/20/12

thanks junglelove thats a huge help. and marty: ill be looking for that LA show, saw you guys in melbourne and am already dying to see you guys play again. Thanks for replying!

Jennifer Rykert 5/17/12

@oliflemo  We are heading down to the Pioneertown show from Pasadena- if you can make it to Pasadena, we would be more than happy to fit you +1 into our car, however we are spending the night down you would have to get a room nearby. Pasadena is on the way to Pioneertown from LAX.

Let me know. [email protected]



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michael.james 5/22/12

Nice! Jennifer, that is some Trapper Keeper lovin. Team work doesn't seem work!

jazzgtrl4 6/7/12

Hi anyone have the setlist from the show? thanks

jazzgtrl4 6/12/12

Heres my pull from Pappy and Harriets

got a couple songs at the end that i dont know the name of, any help would be great. thanks

GrangerLang 6/12/12

3. Saturday Nite

19. War on Machines

20. Fire & Fast Bullets

21. Christmas is Coming Soon

22. Country Caravan

23. American Goldwing


Thanks for sharing! Loving the Lazy Days cover.

jazzgtrl4 6/13/12

Thanks for the song updates, changes made.

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