Please add Salt Lake City on the new tour

Tbone1232 4/8/16
Guys please come back to The Stateroom! We need more Blitzen.
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michael.james 4/12/16
I can't give you details yet but keep your weekend after the Fourth of July free, okay?
Tbone1232 4/15/16
We'll do! I look forward to the announcement. I'll bring my friends to the show!
Tbone1232 6/1/16
What time will you all be playing on July 10? I saw the time listed as 12:00-5:00pm.
Tbone1232 7/9/16

Michael we're excited to see the band tomorrow. What time do you think the band will be on stage?

Peter J Baker 7/9/16

Tbone they play at Snowbasin on Sunday which is only 45 minutes from Downtown and it's free. They come back to the State Room in September.

Peter J Baker 7/9/16

They go on at 3:30 but you should come up and see Laney Jones and the Spirits.

Tbone1232 7/9/16

Thanks for the heads up. We will be there for both shows. We will try to make it up for Laney Jones. Looking forward to it.

Tbone1232 7/12/16
Michael thanks for taking the time to meet with my family and letting my sister shoot you guys. Great show! We're looking forward to the State Room!
Tbone1232 6/19/18
Guys I know this post is from 2 years ago. Please come back to SLC to the State Room for the Furr tour!

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