elgallo 8/4/11

My fiance and I are excited to see Blitzen Trapper for the first time! We got turned on to them right after they toured southern california last year. Hoping we can catch them this time, how are we supposed to get the presale password? Is there a membership or a fan club or something? We're hoping to go either the San Diego or Santa Barbara show, leaning more towards SD, since we used to live there. Can't wait to get my Blitz on! BTW it would be rad to get a photo pass, I got canon digital camera with a good zoom. :P



Band Member
michael.james 8/4/11

There is no presale password. It will simply be a clickable link that we hope to have up tomorrow. Keep your eyes on to see when it is revealed!

As for you Canon, I think we can arrange a photo pass. Just give us a reminder here when we get close to the date, let us know which show, and we'll have a pass at the box office for ya!

David VanPelt 8/4/11

Um, so, if I pre-order tickets for the Eugene show are the t-shirts shipped to my house with the tickets?

Shockadow 8/5/11

Where is the stinkin' link to order tix??? 




elgallo 8/5/11

It's 7:10 in california, I woke up at 6 to get the link. I'm sure it will be here soon. :)

brianspak 8/5/11

so is it 10:00 west coast time?

Shockadow 8/5/11

Nah.  It specifically said East Coast time but I read somewhere else on here that they were trying to get the link up & running.  I think it's simply a case of technology sucking....   We'll be here all waiting together once they get it all worked out...

I freaking love this band's songs...

shainadyan 8/5/11

Yeah...they definitely said EST. I can't stop refreshing the page! I've been waiting all week.

indied 8/5/11

I haven't seen anyone mention the album/t-shirt presale link - are you all seeing that one when you enter the site?  Nothing about tickets there, though.

elgallo 8/5/11

I see the shirt and cd sale, which I'm going to get as well but yeap no tickets link. WHen it does go live it will probaly be here

teskridge 8/5/11

I don't see the shirt and cd sale. Where is that?

elgallo 8/5/11
teskridge 8/5/11

Thanks, but they said it would be an exclusive tour shirt we could order with the tickets. That seems to be a separate pre-order for the cd and album shirt.

Shockadow 8/5/11


elgallo 8/5/11

Thanks MJ! I can't wait to take some photos, I'm getting Belly Up tickets in Solana Beach once the link goes live.

Bryce Cole Driesenga 8/5/11

@Shockadow -- Still not seeing it here. Where are you seeing it?

elgallo 8/5/11
elgallo 8/5/11

Got my tix and thank you

Bryce Cole Driesenga 8/5/11

Got mine as well. Thanks!

c.knowles 8/5/11

About to grab my pre-sale tix/shirt/CDs for Minneapolis! I don't want to wear out the kindness I've seen on the forums but is there any way I could get a photo pass for First Ave on November 4th? I'm a student at the U of M but have done photography for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art as well as Emmie Magazine which is the student music magazine at the UW. I was also chosen to participate in the First Year Photo Project, in which I documented my first year at the U through photos. At the end of the year gallery, however, all I put up were concert/band pictures I had taken through the 2 dozen or so concerts I attended. In any case, I know the concert will be incredible! It'd just be awesome to be able to bring my Nikon with me!

Trapper Team
Sara 8/5/11

c.knowles, We will definitely get you hooked up with a photo pass. Just post something on here a little bit closer to the show (anywhere from a month out to a couple days ahead of time) as a reminder and I will personally make sure there is a photo pass waiting for at the box office on November 4th.


To everyone, thanks with bearing with us as we get all these various initiatives launched. We're trying to compensate for the quiet early months of 2011 with an overload of news in one day.

To re-iterate what the industrious posters above said:

To pre-order American Goldwing in the form of your choice, access to an exclusive album stream starting August 16th, the chance to get a new Goldwing shirt, and so on, go here:

To get pre-sale tickets and the Trapper/Dawes tour shirt, go here:

Hopefully that's enough to keep all of your busy for a little while!

c.knowles 8/7/11

Thanks so much, Sara!!! I'll be sure to do that!

elgallo 10/8/11


I'm writing here for the photo pass. My name is Gabriel Seri


Trapper Team
Sara 10/9/11


It's under your name at the door.

c.knowles 10/10/11

Hey! I'm also writing in for my photo pass at First Ave. My name is Carleigh Knowles. Once again thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!

elgallo 10/12/11

Hi Sara,

I didn't see your reply on time so I wasn't able to take photos. I still had a great time and I think I met you at the BT merch booth. I bought an autograph American Goldwing vinyl, and the Furr cd. I also managed to get the set list so I was stoked! Nice to meet you if that was you. Hopefully get to see you soon at the LA show if I can buy tickets.



elgallo 10/12/11

Maybe I can get a photo pass for the November 17th LA show.

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