Preview of a new track?

Dunwoody 1/22/11

Come on, guys.  How about a little listen for your faithful forum followers?!  It's been so long, especially with no shows!

blitzface 1/29/11

I agree Dunwoody, what gives!  I'm anxiously awaiting some type of news about the Trappers.  Anything! Shows.. Music.. Recording News...  again anything!...

For all the BT fans longing for some music from the boys, the Fox Theater show from the fall is great.  The boys are on their A game for the show and it really shows in the music.  Best I've heard from them..'s a fun performance.  

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michael.james 1/31/11

Okay! Here is the latest news on recording: It's done! We've finished recording 11 tracks for the upcoming record - untitled as of yet - at Gregg William's venerable Trench Studios here in little grey Portland. The tracks have been sent to be mixed in jolly ole England by a super-duper dope engineer that we cannot name at this moment. Regardless, those details will be divulged in the coming months along with a hard street date for the release - tentatively early Fall, but don't quote me.

We have also begun scouting locations for video shoots and will be putting out a call for extras soon. We will be shooting in the Portland and Salem areas, so if you wanna get in on it, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on the front page of this site.

Also, it looks like SubPop will be putting out a tiny lil release of ours for Record Store Day - a limited vinyl/digital-only release of a coupla tracks that didn't make it on "Destroyer." More on that soon...

In the meantime, here is a link to "Takin' It Easy Too Long", a track from the new-new record:

Thanks all - will be checking back in with you soon!

Ryan Deorocki 1/31/11

r u freaking kidding me? i thought this was overzealous trapper heads starting false rumors. what do u guys tour for 11 1/2 months & make an album w ur 1/2 month of downtime? this is very exciting but FALL? really? that long? ur killin me. will u guys tour during the spring/summer & will u be playing mostly songs from the new record that we will have barely heard? 

blitzface 2/1/11

Thanks michael.  That's the news I was looking for....  With all of your touring over the past few years, I guess it's safe to assume that you guys 'might' take to the road before the release.  I will be traveling to the NW in June and am really hoping to catch a Trapper show when we are in the area (actually my wife has brought it up as a 'must-do' - freakin awesome).  Can't wait to hear the new tunes, you guys have something special.   

Thanks again michael!  This is fantastic news and hope you enjoyed making it.  The schedule you guys keep needs a break here and there, so thanks for taking some time to indulge some of your faithful on the forum.   Sweet, Sweet!!

junglelove 2/2/11

Early fall ? WTF ?

Pesky label scheduling nonsense.

junglelove 2/2/11

record store day is April 16th btw.

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