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William Ronald Brown 1/16/14

I have looked at several sources to look into who the songwriters, producers and various other production credits for Blitzen Trapper and usually come up with....not much? I used to be a recording studio engineer in northern CA and these things really interest me. People put their "Blood, Sweat and Tears" into creating and they don't get at least some credit? 

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michael.james 1/20/14

I understand and appreciate your concern, though there may be a misunderstanding of the breadth of our productions. I just looked at a few CDs of ours and it certainly seems that everyone involved was credited properly.

Our first self-titled record was engineered by Gregg Williams. That's it. Nobody else was involved beside ourselves - and we mixed it with him on his Ghost. Field Rexx we did entirely on 4 track and 8 track in our garage with nobody else, mixed on our Mackie. Eric recorded almost the entirety of Nation in a shitty practice space by himself - the same for Furr. Destroyer was recorded with Mike Coykendall who is credited on the record, all in his tiny attic space and mixed there too on his old SoundCraft. Goldwing was recorded by Gregg Williams again and Tchad Blake mixed it remotely in Wales. Both parties are credited - and nobody else was involved. On our newest, some tracks were recorded by Gregg, some by Danny O'Hanlon both of which are credited.

Myself and Eric oversee all these sessions and are directly involved in moving mics around, deciding on a Neve or API, which comp - something fast or slow, which channels go through the HEDD, which mic - a 47FET, an SM7, a Coles, a Beyer, etc.

In other words, most time is spent with Eric and one engineer, or just himself. The rest of us come in to play our parts and I'll come in and assist in mixing.

We've never had the opportunity or desire to be in a "proper" studio and most of these records were made for a few thousand dollars or less, like alot less in the early days.

And I think it's very well documented - in credits and press - that Eric writes all of our material.

Hope that answers the question of who's blood, sweat and tears are poured into these because it's our's.

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