Question About Salt Lake Show At Urban Lounge Tonight

thingmaker 7/19/11

I hope the Trappers are out there reading this. I want to find out what time Blitzen trapper is going on tonight. I see you guys are 1 of 4 bands and the show starts at 9. It's not that I want to be a douche and only see the band I know, but my wife is very very pregnant, and I don't want to miss the trappers, but I don't want to spend the entire nite at the bar so if you guys could give me heads up I would greatly appreciate it!

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michael.james 7/19/11

No worries! The good news is two-fold: it's actually only a two band bill. Our good friends AgesandAges will be opening things up at 10, and the Trappers will go on at 11:15. New songs from the new record will be played for the first time ever live tonight, so we hope you will be able to make it!

thingmaker 7/19/11

YES!! that is awesome, I already bought my ticket, as long as my wife doesn't go into labor I'll be there!! Thanks for replying

r0wilson 7/19/11

My wife and I are SO bummed!  We were all geared up to go to the show tonight in SLC, but can't make it now.  We were looking forward to seeing for the first time live.  I can only imagine how heavenly it will be.  I'm sure you'll rock Salt Lake City tonight!  PLEASE come back soon!!

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