RSD Letdown

charliewired 4/18/15

 Man I been waiting for RSD a while in order to get a copy of Live Harvest, only to find out that ALL three local Victoria BC record stores combined didnt recieve One measly Copy of it.... what Drag!



junglelove 4/19/15

Personally think RSD is walking a fine line between a good idea and a funding stream for employees via ebay.

hope live harvest is available here soon in some format.

OCDBT4ME 4/19/15

The record store in DC that was on the same block as last night's soldout RSD venue only got 2 copies, and both were gone by the time I got there. :(

The line of people waiting to get into the club almost stretched to the record store. I'm sure a couple dozen copies could have easily been off-loaded to this crowd. 

jers 4/20/15

A record store that I am a regular at just posted to their FB page that they found a creat of records that they missed on rsd. Harvest was one of the records they listed as being in the creat. I have never had the need to ask about shipping so I am not sure if or how they ship. However the owner is one of the best small business owners of any kind I have come across so I think she would try to work something out for you if you were to call. Her name is Judy Mills the store is Mills Record Co in KC (westport) phone # (816)960-3775. Be sure to try to talk to Judy as it is a new store (not 2yrs yet) and alot of her help is new. I hope this helps.

elgallo 4/21/15

Is there anyway this will be released through the website for purchase? I also missed out, all my local stores sold out. Which is awesome and a bit of a bummer for me. Awesome, because I see BT is becoming more popular which is always good but a bummer because I really really really wanted it. My wife and I are big Neil Young and Blitzen Trapper fans.

spoonman 4/27/15

Ya, I lined up at 8am at my favorite record store on Whyte ave here in Edmonton, only to be told as I walked in the door that they didn't get any copies as well.  What a burn!

mistercharlie 4/30/15

I couldn't find it in Indy either. So Sad

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michael.james 4/30/15

Plenty are readily available on ebay or from the Sound Garden for very reasonable prices!

mistercharlie 5/2/15

Just snagged one on eBay for $32 after shipping. Pretty happy about that.

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