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killerqueen0 10/8/10

Hey I'm a Utahn who'd like to see the Salt Lake City Show. And if someone would like to settle a ticket issue, I would love them forever.

Here's what is says on this website

Oct 192010The Urban Lounge-UTSalt Lake City, UTw/ Fruit Bats, Pearly Gate Music All Ages

THe All Ages part is what I'm having troubles with, I happen to be at the unfortunate age of 18 and if I try to buy tickets through smithtix (the Utah online ticketing bureau thing) it says 21+.

Here's the website.

THe urban lounge website/myspace event, also says that there is no age requirement.

Can I get some clarification, because if I have to I'll go to the Boise show the next day, but that's a bit of a drive. But it's something I need to plan in advance.

It's probably a stupid question, but if I drive down there only to be rejected because Utah Laws are rediculous, I would be a very unhappy Blitzen Trapper fan.

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michael.james 10/8/10

Hey Killerqueen0,

Just checked and the SLC show is indeed all-ages. And for you diligence in this matter we want to put you and a friend on the guest list - no tickets needed! Just let us know your first and last name and you're in with a +1. We want you to be a totally stoked Blitzen Trapper fan! See you there...


Jamieson 10/9/10

ok, i just had to jump in and say that is the sweetest gesture for a fan.  trappers, you are awesome :) wish i could see the expression on killerqueen0's face!

killerqueen0 10/10/10

Holy.... wow. That is very generous. Blitzen Trapper is definitely the best!!!

My name is Kenan Spruill  ([email protected] if you need to send any special instructions) and I will be there, on the front row.

PS-- I'm a radio-DJ at my campus station, and my average Blitzen Trapper airplay just went up(and it was already pretty high to begin with) ;) -- I'm very impressed, and I'll be sure to throw some good publicity Blitzen Trapper's way when I'm pressing this concert on my show this week. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the people need to know about Blitzen Trapper. 

Thank you so much, and I will see yall on the 19th. 

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michael.james 10/10/10

No special instructions needed - just come to the show! We will have your name on the guestlist at the door with a +1 so bring a friend. Thank you for the radio support and hopefully we will melt your face!

GrangerLang 10/11/10

I'm with Jamieson, this is super sweet.  One more reason to love the Trappers!

flyguy 10/11/10

Class act.

thingmaker 10/21/10

Great show Trappers! - Thanks for coming back to SLC, pelase don't wait another year! I was stoked to get to hear Big Black Bird, and Sadie!

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