Seattle 11-11-11

GrangerLang 11/12/11

~oblig 'they turned it up to 11' comment~

But for real. So good.  So hard not to punch the air when they intro'd Miss Spiritual Tramp.  Always love hearing that.  I didn't scribble down the set list, but it was pretty much what I've been seeing on the recordings that have popped up from this tour (although they played Fire & Fast Bullets, which isn't on any of the sets I've seen, so I don't know how recent an addition that is).

The crowd was pretty good (noisy during quiet tunes, but that's as per usual), and the Neptune was great.  I saw Mark Lanegan play the 1st show there earlier this year when it opened, and they have definitely pulled it together since then, thank god.

Big thanks to Sara for the photo pass! I asked a couple people if they were you, so I could say thanks in person, but they weren't you :)


rudolph trapper 11/13/11

awesome pics!

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