Setlist from the Independent show in San Francisco?

lefty 9/30/09

hey, new here. what song is this at 2:59 from this clip?

Here's the setlist, but obviously there was more played than what's listed here.

Trapper Team
Matt 9/30/09
Hey Lefty,

Welcome to the board! That song is Black Rock, off the new Black River Killer EP. This is the first time they've ever played it on tour. I was at the show too -- such a great crowd, and the dudes were definitely having fun up there.

Here's an embed of the song:

Eugenia 10/1/09

Hey, that's my video! I hope you liked it! Too bad the Independent staff asked me to stop recording. I would have liked to have small 30-sec snippets from all the songs.

BTW, in your set-list picture, the "sci-fi kid" song is missing. ;-)

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