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flyguy 11/8/09

Hello all. I was listening to the 7/9/2009 Sacramento show and I don't know the title of the second to the last song of the night (the last was Miss Spiritual Tramp). It is E. Earley solo acoustic with harmonica and begins with the line "I had a lover her name was Grace..." Could someone from help me out so that I label the song correctly? Thanks in advance!

flyguy 11/8/09

I found it. It is "The Man Who Would Speak True". Now that we have that out of the way, anyone have any history on the song?

Eugenia 11/8/09

It's from their upcoming album that comes out next year. But there's a live performance of it on Youtube. It was also performed at the show I was in SF too, and it really sounds great live.

flyguy 11/9/09

Thanks Eugenia.

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