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Sunshine 4/3/12

So, there are some pretty sweet BT songs in these tour blog videos. Specifically the one that plays throughout the most recent episode 6. Anyone know what these songs are and where to get them?

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marty 4/15/12

In Episode 6 it's "On A Dime" from the abortive Waking Bullets At Breakneck Speed sessions.

There's been some discussion on here in the past concerning this "lost" record and other obscure recordings. Also, I think most if not all of the tour diary songs have been identified by fine forum members.

Sunshine 4/15/12

Thanks Marty, I'll have to do some digging! I have always been a bit of a completionist. Speaking of which, one of these days you guys ought to get those first few albums pressed to LPs. Maybe record store day next year haha. 

Jamieson 4/16/12

OR.... a box set with bonus material consisting of all the unreleased sessions/songs.  i think this was mentioned in the forums before but definitely worth mentioning again!

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