charliewired 12/8/14

Ive only recently been introduced to blitzen trapper ... I have to admit I cant quite fathom how this band slipped by me.. but Im glad I finally caught up.. This act is frickin fantastic... I feel like Im on a genre hopping merrygo round, what fantastic songcraft, arrangments, and performance... to my ear its quite rooted in a sort of Folkish/Bluegrass/Dylan/Band-esque foundation ... coupled with an admixture of many of my favourite sounds from the 70's... along with a healthy dosage of modern influences.. combined in a way that only Eric Early could imagine, and executed perfectly by this amazing band..

(Yes Im available to craft press releases)  c(;)>

 Theres really nothing quite like it.

it seems I regularily literally scour the internet looking for decent bands,, and while of late it has been getting easier to find some...(good music is finally picking up again) I still have to look fairly rigorously.. and find I dismiss 100 bands to every one I truly enjoy.. and to find one as cherished as,, this act is sure to become in my music library.... well....

Anyhow I was thinking to myself .. if I could have missed this band - who else could I be missing out on??? 

 What other fantastic acts woud people suggest to me...?? Im not 100% rooted in this particular sound... but anything quality in any genre ...lately I love Mac Demarco .. Fiery Furnaces, Dirty Projectors, Foxygen (even tho their last album was kinda shite IMO) the GOASTT, etc  What I prize above all else is ingenuity, inventiveness, and deft execution musically....(oh yeah and a strong singer!!)  so please hit me up with your suggestions... 

Even if you think its an act I prolly should be aware of, tell me anyway.. Im up in Canada and we dont get the music press you guys do down there in the USA.



thingmaker88 12/8/14

I have really enjoyed Jason Isbell this year. He was in Drive By Truckers, but is now a Solo Artist. His Southeastern album is ridiculously good, and he has a really good live album, Jason Isbell and the 400 unit live from Alabama. He also did an interview on WTF with Marc Maron this year and performed a very moving version of the song "Elephant" from southeastern.

rudolph trapper 12/12/14








charliewired 12/12/14

I feel I have to revise the first post somewhat... I was turned on to BT by a guy who had almost everything from the begining of BT up until but not American Goldwing... surprisingly he said he wasnt particularily fond of the latest couple albums... I listened to everything he gave me.. and I loved all of it - personally I couldnt see how a band that had kept its sensational sound together for like 7 albums and EPs could suddenly change sound so drastically to make him uninterested in it - I finally tracked down a couple hardcopies of AG and VII (which i wanted to listen to in higher fidelity than youtube)...

I was a little say the least....  it really was a shift to more straight ahead alt country sounding stuff... I am less enamoured with these 2 albums honestly, just my opinion... so for those who make suggestions, please keep this in mind.. 

Ive read threads that talk about an upcoming "new direction" in sound for BT - I can only hope its a new direction> back to their original(ish) sound... Personally, I cant imagine for the life of me why these guys arent far far bigger commercially... everyone talks about Becks country-ish offerings... but I think Early's songwriting stands far talller than Mr Hansen's ever did to be honest... I heard of some of the gimmicks the guys tried in the early days to catch fire too... and Im impressed with all of thier efforts ... and still as I said astounded... that they havent gained far more fans and success than they seem to have,,, especially with the rise in popularity of country music (if you can call what they make these days country music)

 now I realize that BT guys read these boards... this isnt intended as a diss at all.... the volume of music that has been put out by your band, that I LOVE> is Huge!!!! & its rare for me that I find an album that I dig from start to finish... let alone a string of like 6 or 7 that I feel that way about.. Thanks for that! This is why I am so distressed that I may never hear another BT disk like Destroyer of the Void or Wild Mt Nation again...

 I am really in no position to say why the sound has changed ... I realize musicians like to change up styles and sounds people grow change whatever - Im a songwriter and musician myself... but the change in sound almost smacks to me of record label pressure to create a sellable style... although I could be way off on that.. I hope this isnt the case... even though I couldnt fault BT for wanting some measure of financial reward for years and years and years of hard work...   anyhow....

Id like to thank the band for all their hard work, song craft and endless touring and press etc.. I think if you hang in with your original sound,,, you will catch fire eventually... then again who knows ... its a "kids these days" sort of scenario I guess ... 



PS: Nickelback??? lol

junglelove 12/16/14


charliewired 12/19/14

Love Ween! Just discovered Zeus too! theyre pretty good,,

The Bees rule though!



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