Telegraph building

fabarmadillo 1/15/22
Anyone know the location of the "old telegraph building"? That's what Eric called the place that had the practice space where he recorded Nation and Furr. I'm curious bc when I went to Portland I tried to find it to take a photo - I wondered if it was the one at SW Park & SW Oak, but I'm still not sure. 
munkymufin1 1/16/22
I remembered reading that it also became a dance studio, which led me to this article that mentions a bit of BT history:

Looks like it was also called the Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Building, located on SE Ankeny. This article: ( gives an address of 532 SE Ankenny.

Hope this helps!  Any Portlanders please feel free to correct me.
fabarmadillo 3/19/22
Thanks so much for investigating this. I looked up that address myself and found more info to back you up: this says Revolver Studios was located in that building and Blitzen Trapper recorded albums in one of their practice rooms.
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michael.james 3/20/22
Hey! The building has been restored and is an ad agency now:
fabarmadillo 4/30/22
Thanks for the info Michael!
I took this picture when I was in the city on Friday for the concert. Though the neighborhood must have looked much different in 2008. 

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