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Matt 9/22/08

Sooo yeah, this is the first official post on the official Blitzen Trapper forum AKA the Trapper Board. Hooray! Hopefully this board can become a really awesome conduit for musical discussion and enjoyment. Right? RIGHT.

This also happens to be the day that Furr is finally unleashed upon the world. How are you all liking it?

Welcome a-board,

PS: In case you're wondering who I am, I'm BT's manager, Matt, and I'll probably be haunting these forums way too much for anyone's good. I'm a nerd / obsessive fanboy like that.

Trapper Team
Matt 9/23/08

Also, if you haven't heard it, you can download a free MP3 of the title track from Furr here. You can also order it from Sub Pop here, and get a free patch, an out-take track from the album called "Rentacop" and some stickers and pins.

OH YEAH, and the whole record is streaming in full right here.

kbelden 10/3/08

Just heard these guys for the first time on the current, and live in SE Minnesota, i think furr may be my new favorite song for the time being. It seems like a simple song on guitar and i was wondering if i could just get the chords used and i can figure out the rest for myself, i figure the manager may be able to do that for me?

rschuman 10/13/08

Yes Yes, guitar chords pleeeeeese.

kbelden 10/30/08

So i went ahead and figured out the tabs for the song furr myself and im thinking i did pretty well, Im not gonna give a detail tablature here but as far as i can tell it has a capo on the 5th fret and the only chords are: A, and A/D sorta thing which plays like this

and the and E and E7 which is just the E with your pinky on the third fret of the D string

Edit: I put the whole transcription on ultimate-guitar.com it should be up in a few days if anyone wants it

ALady 11/19/08

Cool! I'll give that a try tonight.

I'd love the tab for Jericho, too, if anyone feels inclined to transcribe that.

madhatter1o6 12/4/08

Furr is a sick album. One of the best of the year in my book. Been listening to it a lot lately. Highlights for me are the title track, Saturday Nite, Black River Killer, and Lady on the Water. And Not Your Lover sounds like it could easily be a secret Neil Young song from 1970 - that's a definite compliment.

lowvato 1/14/09

any one figure out the tab for Lady On The Water? I will start soon but haven't been playing guitar for a while so it may take some time.

Rattlesnake 1/15/09

I am wondering if anyone can decipher the piano part to Not Your Lover, it seems simple enough, but for some reason I can figure it out. If someone could just tell me the chords it would be awesome, I am pretty sure it is in C and starts with C F G. Thanks

wordwalper 1/17/09

hey, i just figured out the chords for not your lover a few days back and have been playing it like mad since then. such a wonderful song and so addicting.

anyway, the chords used are c, f, g, am and dm throughout.

he starts with c, f, g, am, quick g,

then the next part is c, f, dm, f...where he holds it until going back to c, f, g, am, quick g for the "in my sleep i'm not your lover anymore" part.

if you listen to it close, you can tell when he goes to dm instead of g for the third chord.

hope that helps and isn't confusing!

Rattlesnake 1/18/09

Nice work man - sounds right on, thanks a lot.

Nate 5/19/09

I live in Albany, 40 miles or so South of Portland. I've known about Blitzen Trapper for a while, but never checked them out.

A friend gave me his copy of FURR to check out, and it ROCKS!!! I just freakin' love it! The record is just fantastic!

There is also some video and stuff up at Pitchfork.com that I checked out, including an interview w/ the band... Very cool.

I just love 'God and Suicide', 'Not your Lover', 'FURR', 'Fire & Bullets', 'Black River Killer'.... I could go on and on. The whole record just Kills!!

Just a cool unique sound, low-fi, folky, cow-punk, raw - ish sound. There is nothing else out there even remotely close. I feel like a little kid on X-Mas morning! I read where they are actually in the process of recording another album, I can't wait!

Stephen 9/30/09

Tomorrow night in Austin! Fire and Fast Bullets 1st song! In the words of Larry Sanders' manager, "I think I'm going to wet myself."

Samuel Furr 1/8/11

So do I get residules for useing my name?

Samuel Furr 1/8/11

There is a bunch of us Furrs out there.

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