Thank you, Blitzen Trapper

Kevin Michael 6/29/16
In the last year I've seen Blitzen Trapper three times.  A year ago at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, once in the fall in Denver and last night again at the Fox.  When I saw them at the Fox last summer it was the beginning of a new chapter of my life, and I realized last night seeing them again almost exactly a year later how much I've grown in that year, and how Blitzen Trapper is one of the few bands that always keeps me going.

When I got into Furr as a young, naive and romantic kid, I never imagined that I'd follow this band through their own journey, capturing my imagination, heartbreak, and spirit.  Now I'm glad to know that there are people out there that feel the beauty and tragedy of life as keenly as I do, and that while that sometimes we need to write sad songs, we still keep alive our spirit of hope and adventure.  Blitzen Trapper reminds me that there are great things out of our control, but in the end we can rest in the simple joys and truths of being on the road, falling in love or playing rock n' roll and that these are all parts of the saga of our lives.  

Thank you Blitzen Trapper for giving me music that warms my soul and shows me that as I grow older I can still be the young romantic falling in love listening to Furr.
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marty 6/30/16
Thanks for the encouragement Kevin, it means a lot.
Kevidently 7/1/16
This is beautiful. Thank you!

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