The band should have their own shirts printed for this site!

kristiankurt 10/6/08

I would love to own a BT shirt, as I'm sure many people would. I would like to suggest that the band have their own design made and printed. I don't work for a printing company or anything, but i would help make it happen if needed because i think it's important to get BT's name out there. They are an unreal band and i think the demand for shirts will be high, if not only from my friends. Thank you, and hope to hear from anyone. Kurt ([email protected])

Trapper Team
Matt 10/6/08

Thanks Kurt, and don't worry, we're working on it! Check this post for my earlier response:

kristiankurt 10/7/08

I saw the earlier response, hence the response. If you have a design, which they do, it only takes days to have it printed, and here's the site to sell them...

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