The best album i've felt in a long time

kristiankurt 10/6/08

I just have to add that this cd is lyrically, spiritually, and musically amazing. (Period)

wanchai 11/13/08

I agree.

I've discovered BT via KEXP/Seattle. I don't live in SEattle, I live in the middle of nowhere in CA (yes there are remote places in CA). I get KEXP's podcasts and they've had 3 BT songs over the past year or so. So in case you all wonder "do those free songs we give to KEXP work?" I say YES! I will be in LA for Thanksgiving so I will see you at the Echo, a great club!

Furr is perfect listening for my cowgirl activities such as pitching hay. I moved to a ranch a few years ago and BT feels just so right here...


Everton1941 11/16/08

A friend gave me Furr about a month ago. I hadn't really listened to much new music in years....i'm getting old. This has not stopped playing in my house, car, head since. Am seriously blown away to the point that it's like that day when I was sixteen and sucking on a water bong and a friend put 'Loaded' on and the transportation began. Yesterday, another friend that I turned on to the Trapper described it as a cross between Badfinger, Beck, CSNY and The Soft Machine. Whatever it is, it's its own thing, that's for friggin' sure! I'm feeling so much younger now.

Everton1941 11/16/08

Has BT ever been on Morning Becomes Eclectic, Nic Harcourt's show?

gongfarmer 11/20/08

It's genuine and that is something missing in so many records these days. Great production too, the guitar tones in particular are, to me, dead-on.

nooneastern 12/14/08

i feel the same way too - it's a really special album

walkinjingle 1/13/09

This album has been on constant rotation in my home stereo, in my car and in the office at work. I've got several of my colleagues and friends into it as well.

The songwriting is superb, the musicianship is great, and the musical stylings perfectly propel Eric's lyrics to wonderful places. All the songs are really good, my favorites right now being "Furr", "God & Suicide", "Fire & Fast Bullets", "Black River Killer", "War on Machines!!!!!" and "Echo/Always On/Easy Con"

I've listened to this album all the way through in various states of consciousness, including stone-cold sober and it alway holds up. Nice job, guys.

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