The Tree - Behind the Scenes!

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Ross McLochness 11/11/10
Hello all!

happy to say that our film friends have just finished a sweet behind the scenes video showing just how Daniel and company made the sweet magical reality of The Tree.  

it was truly a joy to be on the sets and to see it being made, but now anyone can see and enjoy the process.


Lukas 11/18/10

Wonderful! Thanks for posting. I think "The Tree" is BT's best video to date.

k.anderson3454 12/28/10

Nice. What a beautiful tree.

dougt1736 4/25/11

Nice video!  I also saw BT will be near me in Portland soon!  I will have to come to the show!

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michael.james 4/26/11

Hey Doug T!

Just to clarify, we all live in Portland! It's a great city - and from time to time, we do play shows - solo or with other projects in which we are involved. You may be speaking of Eric's solo acoustic performance coming up ( It's a super-great cause, and the food will be astonishing. I can guarantee all of the artists performing are the utmost best Portland has to offer. However, the band Blitzen Trapper will not be playing this event - just the brains of Blitzen Trapper.

BUT! Be forewarned that there will be a date this summer where all the Trappers, hungry from their wintry slumbers, come out of their lairs and pounce upon the good people of Portland like a cougar voraciously ambushes a fuzzy yearling mountain goat! Stay tuned because the announcement of our Summer tour dates is imminent! And we sure hope you will be there with us to witness our blitz on Portland.

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